TIH 199: Josh Finney on Casefile Arkham, Dark Life Lessons, and Graphic Novel Writing

TIH 199 Josh Finney on Casefile Arkham, Dark Life Lessons, and Graphic Novel Writing

In this podcast Josh Finney talks about Casefile Arkham, Dark Life Lessons, Graphic Novel Writing, and much more.

About Josh Finney

Josh Finney is an author of horror, gritty sci-fi, and neo-noir. He is 5’6”, weighs 155 lbs on a full bladder, and has black hair that is slowly going silver. His works include: Casefile: Arkham, Titanium Rain, Utopiates, and World War Kaiju.

Show notes

  • [04:10] Important life lessons growing up
  • [08:35] Dark life lesson
  • [12:30] Columbine shooting and the media at the time in the USA
  • [21:30] The really dark life lessons
  • [32:30] Navigating through/living with PTSD
  • [41:00] Responding to there’s no absolute evil/evil does exist
  • [01:07:30] First experiences with story/moment realised wanted to become a writer / getting fired
  • [01:13:00] WIPs
  • [01:24:45] Casefile Arkham series—genesis
  • [01:38:00] A year of being immersed in 1940s media/hidden gems
  • [01:45:05] Graphic novel writing—dos and don’ts
  • [01:52:50] Connect with Josh
  • [01:54:00] Final thoughts

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