TIH 190 Laird Barron on Almost Dying in Alaska Twice, The Origin of Ideas, and Goals for 2018

TIH 190 Laird Barron on Almost Dying in Alaska Twice, The Origin of Ideas, and Goals for 2018

In this podcast Laird Barron talks about his forthcoming novel Blood Standard, the connection between horror and crime fiction, violence in horror, and much more.

Original photo credit: Jessica M. ‘Laird Barron and the upstart pup, Valentina.’

About Laird Barron

Laird Barron, an ex-pat Alaskan, is the author of several books, including The Imago Sequence and Other Stories; Swift to Chase; and Blood Standard. Currently, Barron lives in the Rondout Valley of New York State and is at work on tales about the evil that men do.

Show notes

  • [02:35] Interview start/J.W. Donley, via Patreon, asks about idea origins
  • [09:20] Brian Asman, via Patreon, asks about top accomplishments from 2017 and goals for 2018
  • [18:50] Brandon Petry, via Patreon, asks about the writing of ‘Andy Kaufman creeping through the trees’
  • [30:05] Andrew M. Reichart, via Patreon, asks about clarity/tantalizing confusion re Laird’s cosmology
  • [41:30] Eric Sparkman, via Patreon, asks about how much writing style is influenced by Alaska and how much by other writers and in what way
  • [45:50] Almost dying twice in Alaska
  • [53:15] Brian Asman, via Patreon, asks about the direction of weird fiction in the coming years
  • [01:04:20] Brian Asman asks about a Mount Rushmore of Weird Fiction
  • [01:10:25] Dan Howarth, via Patreon, asks about detachment vs critique whilst reading stories
  • [01:16:15] Connect with Laird

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  1. Fascinating stuff guys. Thanks so much for having Laird on. What an incredibly talented writer, not to mention, a very nice guy. Another author I’d love for you to get on the show is Caitlín R. Kiernan.

    1. Thank you for listening and for such a thoughtful comment. We’d love to chat with Caitlín R. Kiernan, too. Fingers crossed we can make it happen in the future. MDW

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