TIH 174: Alan Baxter on Confronting Mortality, Starting Out Writing, and Early Life Lessons

TIH 174 Alan Baxter on Confronting Mortality, Starting Out Writing, and Early Life Lessons

In this podcast Alan Baxter talks about confronting mortality, starting out writing, early life lessons, and much more.

About Alan Baxter

Alan Baxter is a multi-award-winning author of supernatural thrillers and urban horror, and an international master of kung fu. He runs the Illawarra Kung Fu Academy and writes novels, novellas and short stories full of magic, monsters and, quite often, martial arts. He rides a motorcycle and loves his dogs. Find out more at Alan Baxter Online.

Show notes

  • [04:10] Life lessons growing up
  • [14:30] How an early confrontation with mortality helped your worldview
  • [24:30] Typical day and week
  • [34:35] First experiences with story
  • [53:50] What would do differently if starting out today

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