TIH 159: John Langan on The Fisherman, Training Your Mind For Good Ideas, and Creative Writing

TIH 159 John Langan on The Fisherman, Training Your Mind For Good Ideas, and Creative Writing

In this podcast John Langan talks about The Fisherman, training your mind for good ideas, and Creative Writing.

About John Langan

John Langan is the author of two novels, The Fisherman (Word Horde 2016) and House of Windows (Night Shade 2009), and two collections of stories, The Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies (Hippocampus 2013) and Mr. Gaunt and Other Uneasy Encounters (Prime 2008).

Show notes

  • [04:40] Childhood
  • [12:50] Creatures: Thirty Years of Monsters
  • [26:35] Forthcoming short story collection/succubus opening tale
  • [33:25] House of Windows and The Fisherman, short stories that became novels/start at the top theory
  • [42:15] Planning stories
  • [45:55] Impact of children on writing
  • [52:20] Typical working day
  • [59:20] Laird Barron
  • [01:06:30] Teaching Creative Writing
  • [01:17:00] Training your mind to bring you good ideas

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