TIH 038: Andrew Pyper on Being A New York Times Bestseller, The Damned and Researching Sociopaths

Andrew Pyper

In this podcast Andrew Pyper talks about his success as a New York Times Bestselling Author, his brand new novel The Damned, researching sociopaths, and much more. 

About Andrew Pyper

Born in Stratford, Ontario, Andrew Pyper is the author of seven novels, including most recently The Damned and The Demonologist (a #1 National Bestseller in Canada and winner of the International Thriller Writers Award). Previous novels include Lost Girls (NYTimes Notable Book), The Wildfire Season (Globe and Mail Best Book) and The Killing Circle (NYTimes Crime Novel of the Year).

Show Notes

  • [01:45] Interview start
  • [02:23] Andrew’s initial interest in writing
  • [06:00] Writing full-time
  • [07:51] Writing routine
  • [09:30] Marketing and publicity involvement
  • [13:20] The importance of a life outside writing
  • [15:53] Dealing with strengths and weaknesses as a writer
  • [19:24] The horror writer label
  • [27:40] Alice Munro
  • [29:55] New York Times Bestseller
  • [33:48] The Damned
  • [37:03] Twins in horror
  • [40:46] Researching sociopaths for Ash
  • [44:25] Why did Ash kill the dog?
  • [46:09] Creating a monster
  • [51:58] Editorial involvement
  • [01:00:03] Intimidating writers
  • [01:01:53] After The Damned


The Damned by Andrew Pyper (UK)
The Damned by Andrew Pyper (US)
Andrew Pyper Fiction (UK)
Andrew Pyper Fiction (US)

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