This Is Horror Awards: Fiction Magazine of the Year

nightmare magazine of the yearWe announced public nominations for the fifth annual This Is Horror Awards earlier this week. The response from publishers and readers has been incredible, although one of the absent categories has been missed and mentioned by several readers. The category in question is the Magazine of the Year.

Here’s why we dropped it and what we’re going to do about it.

The Magazine category cut was the last and hardest we made. There were two reasons. Firstly, it was one of the least popular categories. Secondly, we feel ‘Magazine’ is too vague a category. Fangoria can go head-to-head with Nightmare Magazine, two publications that couldn’t be further apart.

What we considered, and are still in the process of considering, is rebranding the category to Fiction Magazine of the Year. We think the category of Fiction Magazine is more reflective of the focus of This Is Horror and what our audience has come to expect. So with that in mind, we are putting a call out and if people register an interest in Fiction Magazine of the Year as a category we will include it.

So, there it is. Register your interest by sending an email to demanding we put Fiction Magazine of the Year into the This Is Horror Awards. Let us know your suggested nominations, too.

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