This Is Horror Awards 2015: Public Nominations Are Open

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I can’t believe this is the fifth annual This Is Horror Awards. That sure has come around quickly and what an awful lot of fun we’ve had these past four years.

Here are the This Is Horror Award categories this year. We’ve based them off your feedback and the most popular categories last year.

  • Novel of the Year
  • Short Story Collection of the Year
  • Anthology of the Year
  • Publisher of the Year
  • Podcast of the Year
  • Film of the Year
  • TV Series of the Year
  • Tattoo Artist of the Year

As for the rules and nominations, here’s the skinny.

Readers can e-mail in their nominations for each category. Taking into consideration the nominations for each category This Is Horror will then draw up a shortlist.

This year when you nominate we invite you to include one sentence as to why the nomination is award-worthy.

The public nominations stage runs from 4 November 2015 through until 25 November 2015.


  1. To be eligible for an award, where applicable, the creative work must have been released between 14 November 2014 and 1 November 2015. This means that the first release – DVD release in the case of films – must have occurred within the above time period. The season nominated for ‘TV Series of the Year’ must have concluded for it to be eligible.
  2. You may only nominate two items per category, if you nominate more than two This Is Horror will only recognise your first two nominations.
  3. You may nominate in as many categories as you like.
  4. Do not send in a nomination for your own work or anything which you are affiliated with (see Note To Publishers below).
  5. All nominations must be emailed to with the subject line ‘This Is Horror Award Nominations 2015′.

Public nominations close at 12:01am GMT on 25 November 2015.

Note To Publishers

This year we also invite publishers to send in their own eligible work to This Is Horror for consideration. We will happily accept digital files and links. Please send a maximum of two works per publisher per category.

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  1. Why no option for poetry? There has been some damn fine horror poetry put out this year.

    1. We’ve never had a poetry category, Anton. In fact in all the years we’ve been running it this is the first time anyone has expressed interest. As with every category if enough people want it we’ll listen to them.

  2. No novella category…?

    1. Afraid not. We didn’t have one last year either, Paul. It was one of our least popular categories when we last had it in the 2013 awards. As we’re taking a more fiction-centric direction it’s certainly a category we’d consider reinstating in the future. As with everything, if enough people tell us they want to see it, we’ll listen.

    • Em on November 15, 2015 at 11:42 am
    • Reply

    Why no cover art or artist? Surely those are a vital component of the horror publishing industry that should be acknowledged?

    1. We cut some awards this year, Em, based on their popularity last year. Unfortunately cover artist wasn’t a very popular category.

  3. I would’ve thought that a good way to highlight the worthiness of the novella would be to have an award for it. To be proactive. Ditto fiction magazines. You can’t be “fiction-centric” yet exclude such important areas of fiction.

  4. Why specifically Tattoo Artist and not just Artist? The range could be filled with so many more talents.

    1. Artist is simply too broad, William. We have previously had ‘Cover Artist’ as well as ‘Tattoo Artist’. We made some changes this year, as we do every year and dropped ‘Cover Artist’ but kept ‘Tattoo Artist’ purely due to the popularity, or lack thereof, of each award. Perhaps we will reinstate Cover Artist in the future.

        • Em on November 25, 2015 at 7:54 am
        • Reply

        As much as I like tattoos I’m not really sure why they’re linked with an award that is mostly to do with the field of independent horror publishing and apparently at the expense of a cover art category. Awards should help promote their chosen field and just dropping a category because something from the wider cultural arena is more popular seems a little odd.

  5. Would a magazine printed in paperback format qualify as a short story collection?

    1. Afraid not, Douglas, but we’re considering adding the ‘Fiction Magazine of the Year’ award so if you’d like to register your interest in the award category please drop us an email.

  6. Are the nominess notified? Or is there just a shortlist anouncement?

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