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The X-Files

x_filesTwo FBI Special Agents are thrown together to investigate unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. One is a skeptic, possibly placed there to debunk the theories of the other, who is a believer. As they investigate baffling cases their relationship turns from one of mistrust to one of mutual respect.

Why we’re looking forward to this: Anybody with half an interest in horror and the supernatural knows about The X-Files. Chris Carter’s series about Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) was one of the best known and beloved science fiction programmes to come out of the 1990s. OK, so it outstayed its welcome a little towards the end, and the second feature film left fans wanting, but the basic premise of the program is one that’s been emulated several times (think Dark Skies, Warehouse 13, Supernatural) but never bettered.

The news that Fox (TV, not Mulder) a keen to bring it back, then, is music to our ears (and sounds like a certain five note refrain last heard in the vicinity of Devil’s Tower, Wyoming), not least because not only is Carter allegedly on board to resurrect his baby, but that Duchovny and Anderson are keen to reprise their roles.

Whether this means that the new series will be just about Mulder and Scully, in which case it could be a short one due to their other commitments these days, or a new generation type affair in which the two former Agents are drafted to hand over the old department to a couple of fresh faced recruits, is currently unclear. Either way, though, we’re excited to think that The X-Files are reopening, as while the show may not be an obvious choice for This Is Horror, when it did go dark, boy did it take an express elevator to hell. Not convinced? Check out episodes like the fourth season’s Home that gave Wrong Turn a run for its money, or the first season’s Squeeze that introduced the world to the disturbing Eugene Victor Tooms.

Given the more permissive nature of television content in the two decades since The X-Files appeared – witness Bates Motel, American Horror Story and Hannibal – we might just get a darker take on the FBI’s least favourite department.

The return of The X-Files is still in development, but want to believe it’s going to happen….


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