News Round-up Week Ending 23 January

Resident Evil

Spectral Press gives us a gift for their fifth anniversary

Gary McMahon has announced that his new novella The Grieving Stones, will be published by Spectral Press in January 2016 to commemorate their fifth anniversary. The story will feature emotionally scarred people who are undertaking a special course of therapy, a house set into ancient hills and the long-standing rumours told about the nearby standing stones. Stay tuned to find out more as it comes in…

The Devil’s Detective finds its voice

We recently announced the March release of Simon Kurt Unsworth’s, The Devil’s Detective, which is available to pre-order but now, there is more good news surrounding Unsworth’s latest work. Recorded Books have revealed that they are to produce The Devil’s Detective as an audiobook. The story follows Thomas Fool, a private investigator whose work leads him to the depths of hell. Keep an eye on This Is Horror to find out more about where to get your hands on an audio copy.

Multiples ‘likes’ for Goss’ Haterz

Acclaimed author James Goss, has revealed that his debut independent novel Haterz will be available to buy in paperback and ebook from 12 March. Haterz follows social media vigilante Dave, a regular nice guy who takes it in his own hands to cleanse the world of digital offenders. The novel is billed as a dark comedy which follows Dave through the increasingly dangerous world of online interaction.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter…Finally

Following the news that Resident Evil’s leading lady was pregnant with director Paul W. S. Anderson’s baby, The Final Chapter was postponed indefinitely. After a joyous Facebook status from the bad-ass mother-to-be, we can now reveal that filming will resume in August. The presumably final chapter has been written, will be directed by Anderson and Milla Jovovich will resume her position on the main screen as sexy heroine, Alice.


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