The Cutting Room: Tales From The Darkside

Tales From The Darkside

darksideBack from the dead, one of the most famous and best loved anthology series of all time is being resurrected by the CW Network. Expect horror, science fiction and fantasy in hour long easily digestible morsels.

Why we’re looking forward to this: We’re great fans of anthologies here at This Is Horror, but even the best of them can be a bit hit and miss at times. Even the late, great Twilight Zone suffered from more than a few clunkers in its time, but the flipside of this is that if you get it wrong one week there’s always a fresh canvas the next, and the audience tends to be more forgiving providing that the show delivers great episodes on a fairly regular basis.

Back in the day, Tales From The Darkside hit our screens like a freight train straight from the mind of George A Romero, who needs no introduction around these parts. Romero had been involved with the Creepshow movie along with his best bud Stephen King (you may have heard of him) and when approached with the opportunity to bring the spirit of the old EC Comics to the small screen on a weekly basis jumped on it faster than a World War Z zombie.

There have been other anthology shows in recent years, notably The Hunger, Masters of Horror and Fear Itself, and while these were all enjoyable they tended to take themselves a little too seriously. The great thing about Tales From The Darkside was that there was always an element of dark humour bubbling just under the surface of its stories, and given the pedigree of the shows currently running on The CW Network, among them Supernatural and The Flash, we’re hoping for a top notch return for one of our old favourites.

The icing on this particular cake, though, is that while Romero might not be involved this time around, the driving force behind this reboot is none other than Joe Hill, author of Horns and offspring of the aforementioned Mr King. This alone has the hairs beginning to rise on the back of our neck in anticipation of returning to the Darkside!

Tales From The Darkside is currently in production and should hit the small screen in the not too distant future. 


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