News Round-up Week Ending 13 February

The Bones of You

The Bones of You

DarkFuse publications have announced the paperback and eBook release of Gary McMahon’s haunted house horror, The Bones of You. The novel was originally only available in a limited edition hardback copy, when initially released by Earthling Productions. The Bones of You, tells the story of father, Adam Morris, who after moving into a rented property in the suburbs, discovers that the history of the place could put him and his daughter, Jessica, in grave danger. The Bones of You is released on Friday 13 February.

Penny Dreadful Postpones Premiere

Creators of psychological thriller Penny Dreadful have announced a postponed premiere date of the latest ten part season. Showtime has moved the date to Monday 3 May at 10PM. Set in Victorian London, the American drama follows classic literary characters, such as Dr. Frankenstein and Dorian Gray, and their origins. Penny Dreadful has an impressive cast, starring Eva Green, Josh Hartnett and Sir Timothy Dalton.

Poltergeist trailer unleashed

The latest trailer for the upcoming Poltergeist re-make has been released. From producer Sam Rami, Spiderman and director Gil Kenan, Monster House, comes a re-envisaged production of the 1982 horror classic.  The latest release, bravely taking on the cult classic, stars Sam Rockwell as head of the house, Eric and Rosemarie DeWitt as mum Amy. The film is set for UK release on 31 July 2015.

Spectral Book of Horror Stories Volume 2

Spectral Press have announced an open call for submissions for the second volume of The Spectral Book of Horror Stories, to edited by Mark Morris. Submissions are open until 30 June 2015 and the book itself will be launched at FantasyCon 2015 in October. For full details, check out the Spectral website.


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