The Cutting Room: Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th

F13Jason Vorhees returns to terrorise more young adults who have had the misfortune to rock up to Camp Crystal Lake (or whatever it’s called these days). Expect running, screaming and teens being despatched in an ever increasing variety of ways.

Why we’re looking forward to this: Stop anybody in the street and ask them to name a horror movie icon and chances are they’ll come up with Freddy, Michael, Leatherface or Jason. Friday The 13th has cemented its legacy as one of the most famous and enduring series in horror, and while some of the entries leave a little to be desired, the prospect of Pamela Vorhees’s little boy putting his mask back on has us positively foaming at the mouth.

We don’t actually know very much about the new movie yet, as details of the plot and even how it fits into the Friday timeline (if it does at all) are sketchy at best at the moment, but suffice to say it’s sure to involve a remote woodland setting, buckets of blood, and a selection of young cannon fodder being fed to everybody’s favourite backwoods killing machine.

What we do know is that Platinum Dunes, who were behind the 2009 reboot, have said that the new Friday will be neither a continuation of the events in that film or a remake of the original. Instead it will be a ‘different story’ and will most likely be set in the 80s because the producers want to ‘capture the feel of the first film’.

We’re pretty pleased with this news, as we were distinctly underwhelmed by the recent reboot which we felt got Jason’s mannerisms and motives all wrong. Some may say this is picky, but as fans it’s important to us to see our beloved maniacs played with at least some consistency. As long as they stay true to what makes Jason the man(iac) he is, then we’re all for what effectively sounds like an alternative universe style take on the franchise if it brings genuine suspense, menace and terror back to the big screen.

Rumours abound that the story might be set in winter for the first time, which would certainly bring something new to the mythology, or that it may be shot in a found footage style, which we’re not so enthused about but given that it looks like V/H/S director David Bruckner is in line for the hot seat then we’re prepared to give just about anything a try.

Whatever the outcome, the important thing is that for the first time in half a decade it looks as though we’re finally going back to Crystal Lake, and on the big screen to boot!

Friday The 13th is scheduled for a release late in 2015


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