News Round-up Week Ending 9 January

Probably Monsters

FantasyCon 2015 announces Guests of Honour

FantasyCon 2015, which is being held this year at East Midlands Conference Centre and Orchard Hotel from 23 to 25 October, have now announced two of their guests of honour. This year’s convention, run by the British Fantasy Society, will host best-selling author and journalist, John Connolly and genre publisher Jo Fletcher. For more information about FantasyCon 2015, visit the dedicated website.

Death Realms heads up Grey Matter Press for 2015

Grey Matter Press have announced the release of their first publication of 2015. Death Realms is an anthology of stories telling of the dark and uncertain fate that awaits us all in the afterlife. “At the intersection where the here and hereafter collide”, the anthology includes 16 short stories from a collection of authors such as John F.D.Taff and Stephen Graham Jones. For more information about Death Realms and to buy your copy, visit the Grey Matter Press website.

Nightcry gets Shimizu trailer treatment

Nightcry, from director Hifumi Kuono, has been treated to The Grudge style trailer treatment from the film’s director, Takashi Shimizu. The game is set on a luxury liner where each passenger is being murdered one by one. Nightcry will be available on Playstation Vita, Android and iOS.

The Ultimate Undead Collection set for January release

The Ultimate Undead Collection is now available to pre-order. The collection, which will include Autumn: The Human Collection by David Moody and stories from Joe McKinney, Tim Long, Shawn Chesser, Bobby Adair and Michaelbrent Collings amongst others, is available for the incredible price of £0.99. Pre-order your copy now from Amazon.

Cluley returns with Probably Monsters

Chizine Publications have announced the imminent release of Probably Monsters on 17 February 2015. From the mind of Water For Drowning author Ray Cluley, this collection is an exploration of the dark and strange. Probably Monsters takes the reader in a world of bloodsucking creatures and the eternal undead. There is nowhere to hide in this terrifying anthology of Cluley’s most monstrous creations. Copies are available to pre-order now from Chizine Publications.


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