The Cutting Room: Bone Tomahawk

After an outlaw unknowingly leads a band of cannibalistic Troglodytes into the peaceful western town of Bright Hope, the monsters kidnap several settlers, including the wife of a local rancher. Despite his injured leg the rancher joins a small rescue party with the sheriff, his aging deputy and a strong-willed gunslinger.

What follows is a journey into hell on earth as the posse comes to realise that it is up against a foe whose savagery knows no bounds. The film takes place in the mid 1800’s around the border of what is now Texas and New Mexico.

Why we’re looking forward to this: Great Westerns have been few and far between in recent years, and great horror Westerns have been pretty much non-existent, so the prospect of seeing the legend that is Kurt Russell teaming up with Matthew Fox, Patrick Wilson and Richard Jenkins to take on a bunch of cannibalistic Troglodytes is mouth-watering to say the least.

It’s been far too long since Russell has done anything even remotely resembling a horror film, so we’re very much on board to see him getting his hands bloody again in writer/director S Craig Zahler’s directorial debut. Even though he’s popping up in a second Western this year, as part of Quentin Tarrantino’s Hateful Eight, our money’s on this being the more visceral of the two.

Bone Tomahawk has no release date yet, but should be saddling up before the end of the year.


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