Tales of the Weak and the Wounded

Tales of the Weak and the Wounded by Gary McMahonFresh off the back of winning a brace of This Is Horror awards, acclaimed author Gary McMahon’s new collection Tales of the Weak and the Wounded is available to pre-order as of 14 February 2012 [The perfect Valentine’s Day gift – Editor]. Published by American outfit Dark Regions Press, the collection promises to be a disturbed and poignant portrait of broken people.

Set against the backdrop of the notorious abandoned mental asylum, Daleside Institute, McMahon chronicles the lives of people who are shrouded by pain and fear, detailing emotional and physical torment in his own unique style. With locations varying from a polar icecap to an Italian seaside resort, McMahon makes sure that no one is safe from the horror.

This Is Horror caught up with Gary and asked him what his inspiration was behind the collection –

“With Tales of the Weak & the Wounded I’ve tried to give a little twist to the usual format of a single-author short story collection. Each of the stories is linked by a prologue and epilogue set in an abandoned mental institute, and taken as a whole the book represents something that’s hopefully greater than the sum of its parts. There are seven new stories in the book, which were written specifically for the collection. These are stories of madness and grief, of horror and self-discovery. When we read them we might just realise that, deep down inside, we’re all weak and wounded in some way.”

The book is available in two different editions. Readers can choose either a leather bound deluxe version signed by the author and the cover artist, or a limited signed and numbered hardcover. The latter are limited to 100 copies so be sure to move quickly as they are likely to go fast. Orders can be placed at the Dark Regions Press website on 14 February.


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