Special offer: Roadkill by Joseph D’Lacey. *Time sensitive*

Joseph D'Lacey Roadkill

It’s been a year since Roadkill by Joseph D’Lacey drove onto the horror scene and to celebrate we’ve teamed up with Amazon to offer a very special Kindle Countdown Deal.

UK customers can pick up Roadkill today for just £0.99 and US customers can pick up Roadkill for a mere $0.99. That won’t even get you a small coffee here in the UK!

As we said in the title this is a time sensitive offer, so don’t delay! Here are the exact time constraints.

From today – 13 September 2014 – until 8am on 20 September 2014 Roadkill is just 99p on Amazon UK.

From 16 September until 20 September Roadkill is $1.99 after which time it reverts back to its original price of $2.99.
So, don’t delay, buy Roadkill today. But don’t just take our word for it, feast your eyes on these quotes.


“A breathless race to the finish line of oblivion.”

“Like nothing you’ve read before. A frenetic, blistering bullet train of white-knuckle reflex.”

“Roadkill is a thrilling, breakneck ride”

“Easily one of the most intense novellas I’ve ever read. If this one doesn’t get your pulse up, you’re probably already dead. The folks at THIS IS HORROR know how to deliver a breathless read.”


Enjoy the ride!

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