Review: Attack of the Werewolves

Attack of the WerewolvesComing out in the UK under a slightly better title than the US Game of Werewolves, Juan Martinez Moreno’s Lobos de Arga is a Spanish comedy horror film set in the remote village of Arga. As we discover in the opening credits the village is currently labouring under a terrible curse that is the result of the attempts of the evil Marchioness of Marino to get herself pregnant despite the inadequacies of her husband. She kidnaps a local gypsy chap, ties him to her bed and gets on with it. The gypsy’s wife curses the Marchioness’s as-yet unborn child with lycanthropy that can only be cured by the sacrifice of a family member one hundred years hence. All of this is rendered in colourful and quite graphic comic strip as the titles unfold, and one suspects the only reason this bit isn’t live footage is because the already low budget didn’t run that far.

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  1. Wow, what an amazing thing the werewolf is on the rise and dracula is shaping the literature world and our generation. I love to read anything dealing with the vampire and or werewolf, it’s all so creepy and vberry interestingly blood sucking goood!

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