A short history of Australian horror

Wolf Creek silhouetteAustralian horror

These two words have different connotations for many people worldwide.

Australian horror has exploited fears of Australia’s ‘wide-open spaces’, and the isolation and vulnerability of people where the population drops to less than fifty individuals per square kilometre. Wolf Creek and Snowtown are based on real-life crimes such as Ivan Milat’s ‘backpacker murders’, or the murders in Snowtown last decade. The desolation of much of the Australian landscape, and the vulnerability of those within these areas, has been driven home both by crimes of opportunity and well-planned killing sprees. This is the horror of Australia in reality.

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  1. Hello,
    I heard of so many a case as this one and they have been made into movies that have become major block busters and although what triggered the minds of the
    killers that done it heaven only knows, but I feel like more and much more prayer amongst the people and the state is needed to protect our society from sick minded individuals.

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