PMMP Set to Broadcast Lost Signals in August

Lost Signals coverPerpetual Motion Machine Publishing has become synonymous with quality fiction that pushes the boundaries of reality, proving the world around us is often as unreliable as the narrator of the story. Their forthcoming anthology, Lost Signals, is one of the most anticipated volumes releasing this year and further evidence that they have their radar set directly on the pulse of the horror scene. Here’s a little more about the anthology:

What’s that sound? Do you feel it?

The signals are already inside you. You never even had a chance.

Coming August 02, Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing brings you Lost Signals, a tome of horror fiction featuring radio waves, numbers stations, rogue transmissions, and other unimaginable sounds you only wish were fiction. Forget about what’s hiding in the shadows, and start worrying about what’s hiding in the dead air.

Edited by Max Booth III and Lori Michelle, featuring a front cover design by Matthew Revert and 25 interior illustrations by Luke Spooner, this 130,000 word collection is a must-have for any serious fan of horror. Check out just three of the illustrations below.

If He Summons His Herd - Luke SpoonerSharks With ThumbsThe Sound of Yesterday - Luke Spooner

Pre-orders are now available through PMMP’s Official Webstore.

This Is Horror is proud to reveal the official table of contents below:

Introduction by Scott Nicolay
‘If He Summons His Herd’ by Matthew M. Bartlett
‘Transmission’ by T.E. Grau
‘From: Item L5161ORDE, ‘The Dangsturm Interruption’’ by Joseph Bouthiette Jr.
‘The Givens Sensor Board’ by Josh Malerman
‘Sharks With Thumbs’ by David James Keaton
‘Bad Lieutenant’ by Tony Burgess
‘How the Light Gets In’ by Michael Paul Gonzalez
‘Darkhorse Actual’ by George Cotronis
‘The Desert of Wounded Frequencies’ by Betty Rocksteady
‘Eternity Lie in its Radius’ by Christopher Slatsky
‘Where Night Cowers’ by Matthew M. Bartlett
‘Rosabelle, Believe’ by Amanda Hard
‘The Last Scream’ by Gabino Iglesias
‘The Man in Room 603’ by Dyer Wilk
‘The Sound of Yesterday’ by Ashlee Scheuerman
‘Children of a German Autumn’ by Matt Andrew
‘The Night Wire’ by H.F. Arnold
‘Armageddon Baby’ by John C. Foster
‘The Small Hours’ by Vince Darcangelo
‘Hush’ by Regina Solomon
‘Feedback Loop’ by Joshua Chaplinsky
‘Little Girl Blue, Come Cry Your Way Home’ by Damien Angelica Walters
‘All That You Leave Behind’ by Paul Michael Anderson


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