Happy Christmas

Wishing everyone the best this holiday season. A special thank you to artist, Rich Sampson for the artwork. HAPPY CHRISTMAS! This Is Horror Staff

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This Is Horror Awards 2011: A Note

In order to decide the This Is Horror Awards 2011 the site staff had a round table discussion and each put forward nominations – in each category – that they had no affiliation to. Having reached a consensus decision we put the nominations up to the public vote. The This Is Horror Awards nominations reflect …

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Christmas Ghost Stories

Christmas Eve is mere hours away, so what more could the self respecting horror fan ask for than a Simon-Marshall Jones led journey into the murky past and an exploration into Victorian ghost stories? Christmas Ghost Stories

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This Is Horror Awards 2011

As the year comes to an end and Christmas draws ever nearer it’s time to announce the nominees for this years This Is Horror Awards. Please send your votes to [email protected] with the subject line ‘This Is Horror Awards 2011’. To cast a vote simply write the category and your vote for each award. You …

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Final Destination ban

The poster from the fifth instalment in the Final Destination franchise has been banned because it could potentially distress children between 3 and 5 years of age reports BBC News. The Advertising Standards Authority claimed there were several complaints from traumatised parents because of the poster’s graphic content saying that “it was likely to cause …

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Review: Sparrowhawk by Paul Finch

Sparrowhawk is the story of Captain John Sparrowhawk, one of the British Empire’s finest soldiers who is languishing in a debtor’s jail. He is offered a reprieve and chance of redemption in the form of the beautiful yet enigmatic Miss Evangeline. Sparrowhawk by Paul Finch

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Top 10 gifts for the discerning horror reader or writer

A few days ago we presented our top 10 horror gifts under a tenner. Today it’s all about gifts for the more discerning reader. Do you have a spare $65,000 lying around? If so there’s something for you!  If not there are fortunately a host of more affordable gifts, so do click on inside and …

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Win a lifetime subscription to Spectral Press

Spectral Promo

This is not only an incredible opportunity to win some great swag from our good friends over at Spectral Press, but also a unique opportunity to have your Spectral style ‘ghost’ story published. This is a fantastic way to get your voice heard and kick-start your career in the genre. Very best of luck to …

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How to increase comic sales: Create a moral panic

Swamp Thing

In my last column I suggested that there might be a link between declining sales in comics and the rise in status of the newly respectable ‘graphic novel’. The comic is no longer a throwaway item aimed at sub-literate degenerates, it’s a recognised artistic medium and a tool for encouraging youngsters to read. As a …

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Top 10 Horror Gifts: Under A Tenner

Struggling for inspiration as the run-up to Christmas draws alarmingly near? Don’t worry Simon Marshall-Jones is here just in time to provide you with a list of horror treats for all your friends and family. Top 10 Horror Gifts: Under A Tenner

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Flash Fear: Christmas Eve, 5.24 p.m. by Simon Kurt Unsworth

Christmas Eve 5.24pm by Simon Kurt Unsworth, Illustrated by Rich Sampson

We are incredibly excited to present both the second in the Flash Fear series and the second Christmas themed short appearing on This Is Horror. ‘Christmas Eve, 5.24 p.m.’ by Simon Kurt Unsworth is illustrated by Rich Sampson. Enjoy and do please leave your comments in the comment section below. Christmas Eve, 5.24 p.m. by …

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Win Horror Genre Prizes: Like Us

Having built up such a brilliant following with Read Horror and See Horror it’s a rather daunting task to build up such an incredibly fanbase again. Fortunately we reckon you’re a loyal bunch, and failing that we’ve decided to entice you with some swag. A prize draw will take place on Wednesday February 1 where …

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The Tracks of My Fears: Confessions of a Horror Movie Music Collector


The soundtrack CD for Hammer’s 1973 production The Satanic Rites of Dracula arrived in the post the other day and as I removed its cellophane wrapper I realised I hadn’t heard most of the music on it for the best part of thirty years, which also happens to be pretty much the length of time …

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Welcome to This Is Horror

It’s incredible to think just how far Read Horror has come since its birth in April. What started as a one-man operation focussing on fiction has evolved into a seventeen-person strong website covering horror in all its guises. To describe it as an evolution, I feel, is accurate as we have always made little steps …

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Adam Nevill Interview

Adam Nevill in the woods

We are incredibly proud to present to you a three-part Adam Nevill interview series. For the first and second parts please click through. Adam Nevill Interview: Part 1 Adam Nevill Interview: Part 2

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