News Round-up Week Ending 17 June 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

TribunalTribunal, the fourth and final book in the A Quiet Apocalypse series, coming 30 June from Dave Jeffery and Demain Publishing

It is one of the most devastating events in human history, a deadly virus that killed most of the world and deafened the few who survived. In the chaos of the aftermath, the city of Cathedral emerged, and with it, a brutal regime of oppression and violence. Now, years later, the city is in ruins, and the scene is set for a reckoning. A tribunal seeks to make sense of what happened behind Cathedral’s walls, so it can exact justice on those who fostered atrocity. Imprisonment or a noose await those found guilty. But things are not as they were before this quiet apocalypse. Testimony and statement will make clear that the lines between good and evil are no longer clear. Against a backdrop of ambiguity, a verdict must be reached, and justice served. Yet this decision will affect more than the lives of those on trial. It is to be the defining moment in humanity’s willingness to learn lessons from its own near extinction. With all the evidence in place, there is no avoiding what must be done. It’s time to choose … Available to pre-order now in eBook, with a paperback edition to follow, you can guarantee your copy here.

WithoutWallsAvailable now from PS Publishing and writer Tim Lebbon, with cover art and interior illustrations by Daniele Serra, Without Walls

Jasmine lives alone in the house. It’s her whole world. It caters for her every need. The doors are locked, but that doesn’t matter, because there’s nothing outside. One day, on the staircase, she meets another little girl who thinks the same. And Cassia will change her life forever. A haunted house . . . two haunted girls . . . the diary of a lost boy. Why is the house so keen to hide the truth from them? And who, or what, is the ghost? Available now in an unsigned, jacketed hardcover edition, and a numbered edition signed by the author and the artist, limited to two hundred copies, you can get yours here.

TheHangmanFeedsTheJackalOut now from writer Coy Hall and Nosetouch Press, The Hangman Feeds The Jackal, a gothic western

Elijah Valero is a gunfighter afflicted with terrifying hallucinations, including a pervasive one of The Hangman out to kill him. Dogged by the relentless specter of the Hangman, Valero mistakenly kills innocent victims and is forced to hide in an abandoned monastery for his own safety and for those of others. Once there, he encounters far greater dangers than the imaginary Hangman, and gains a bid for redemption as he faces down some silver-hungry drifters out to terrorize a town for its riches. Fans of the Weird West and Gothic Horror will find satisfaction in The Hangman Feeds the Jackal. Available now in eBook and paperback, you can get yours here.

PoundofFleshAvailable now from writer D. Alexander Ward and Bloodshot Books, Pound of Flesh

When Noah Belton’s father loses his job, the young man’s roots are ripped from the ground as he’s forced to move away from everything and everyone he knows. His mother believes it will be a fresh start for their little family but everything about this new place fills Noah with a paralyzing dread. He soon finds his fears vindicated, for at this lonesome spot on the edge of the lake, with Cross Mountain looming in the distance, it’s terrifyingly clear that the dead are many and restless. As his father’s violent temper worsens, they are plunged into a downward spiral of cruel punishments that become a beacon for something wicked; the Huntsman, a malignant presence that roams the lakeshore. Isolated, Noah’s mother strives to protect her son even as the Huntsman takes a terrible interest in her. But what if she could give the Huntsman what he wants and, in turn, be rid of her tyrant husband? Could she even trust such an unholy pact? Soon, Noah finds himself pitted against a phantom become flesh, battling for his mother’s life and his own. They should never have come to this dark corner of the wilderness in the shadow of the mountain, where they have learned a hard lesson all too late: the Devil always gets his due. Available now in paperback and eBook formats, grab your copy here.


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