Quoth movie versions of The Raven evermore?

The end of July sees the release on DVD of the latest movie to bear the title The Raven. It stars John Cusack, is directed by James McTeague (V for Vendetta) and isn’t bad. I know that sounds as if I’m damning it with faint praise and in a way I am. More on this …

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This Week’s Must Read Horror Articles

Brian Keene

It’s that time of the week – here are a couple of intriguing horror articles from around the web for your reading pleasure. This week on Must Read Horror Articles: Brian Keene writes 80,000 words in one weekend 10 Essentials for surviving the zombie apocalypse To keep up to date with essential articles and horror news throughout …

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Details Emerge of TTA Novella Series


As This Is Horror reported a few weeks ago, TTA Press are launching their own line of novellas to complement their stellar magazine output. The full details of the series have now emerged and will be of great interest to horror readers. The novellas will be between 20-40,000 words and will run from anywhere between …

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Flash Fear: Mouthful by Jasper Bark

Mouthful by Richard Serrao

Horror host, award-winner, former ‘bottom’ model. Jasper Bark is many things, but above all else he is a fiction writer which is why it’s a huge pleasure to welcome him back to the website for our latest flash fiction instalment, Mouthful – illustrated by the wonderful Richard Serrao. Read more…  

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Event review: Simon Kurt Unsworth, Alison Littlewood and Graham Joyce

Saturday 15 June saw the latest event from the Twisted Tales crew, who put on an evening of supernatural horror readings at Waterstones in Liverpool. The rain poured almost relentlessly throughout proceedings, giving a dreary yet atmospheric slant to the evening. Read more…

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Gary McMahon on new anthology Visions Fading Fast

Award-winning author, Gary McMahon, is editing a brand new Pendragon Press anthology, entitled Visions Fading Fast. Gary recently swung by This Is Horror HQ to explain a little more on his new venture and why he selected each author for Visions Fading Fast. Read more…

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Exclusive excerpt from Scarla sequel by BC Furtney

Finishing my first novel, Scarla, was a great feeling, partly because up until then, I’d never really intended to write a book. As it turned out, the journey was more rewarding than I anticipated. Being brand new to the medium, I had my doubts about gaining entry into the publishing world with the first arrow …

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Interview: Christopher Fowler

Christopher Fowler

John L Probert interviewed Christopher Fowler, author of Hell Train, ahead of this appearance as Guest of Honour at Edge-Lit this weekend. Read more…

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This Is Horror Live Event – 6PM, July 8 – Birmingham

This evening we will be showcasing what promises to be an incredible evening of horror with none other than Sam Stone, David Moody, John L Probert and Jasper Bark. The event takes place at The Electric Cinema in Birmingham which is just a short walk away from Birmingham New Street train station. Please order your …

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Review: The Woman in Black

Based on Susan Hill’s classic ghost story, The Woman in Black is the latest screen adaptation of the famous chiller. The story has been made numerous times for stage and screen, yet this latest incarnation is without doubt the most high-profile to-date. Read more…

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Why The Exorcist is a horror classic

For this month’s column, I am going to write the first of an occasional series on favourite films, books or other items which have influenced me in some way, genre-wise at least. To kick it all off, I’ll be talking about one of my favourite films: no, not Hellraiser (although that is a favourite and …

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Top 5 authors who helped shape Southern Horror

It is the 4th of July today, so in honour  of Independence Day we  bring you the 5  authors who helped  shape Southern Horror.  This list is in no way definitive, it is merely a list of  authors who have entertained us through the years. Read more…

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Re-Animator The Musical


This year sees a huge dose of horror being brought to the Edinburgh Fringe. Stuart Gordon has resurrected his classic 1985 horror film Re-Animator as a musical and after a successful six month run it will be terrorising Edinburgh for the entire month of August. Re-Animator is the story of Herbert West, a medical student …

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No Rest for Those Who Can’t Sleep by Steve Rasnic Tem

You wake again in the middle of the night and for the moment don’t remember which house you’re in. You’ve moved only three times in forty years, but still, you can’t remember which house or when. The shadows don’t help you and turning on the light is a thing you cannot bear. Read more…

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TTA Press Announce Novella Series


TTA Press have announced their own new line of novellas that will be launched very soon. TTA have taken this decision to try and promote high quality stories that were too long to fit into Black Static or Interzone but still deserved celebrating in their own right. The initial novellas will be written by authors …

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