5 Must Read Horror Articles 24 April 2023


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

The Lineup suggest seven horror film soundtracks to put you in the mood for nightmares

Author Gwendolyn Kiste sets fellow writers up with a playlist of horror movie soundtrack to put you in the mood to create your own nightmare imaginings in this article for The Lineup.

Writer and editor Deborah Sheldon talks to The Ginger Nuts of Horror about the Killer Creatures Down Under anthology

The Ginger Nuts of Horror present a feature article by Killer Creatures Down Under editor Deborah Sheldon, in which she previews some of the tales featured in this Australasian book of creature features.

Bloody Disgusting celebrate a new Evil Dead film by picking the franchise’s five scariest moments to date

Bloody Disgusting’s Mike Holtz welcomes the newest entry in the Evil Dead franchise by selecting the five scariest moments in the franchise so far.

Author Robert P. Ottone writes for The Horror Tree on the pressure to have children and more

Robert P. Ottone writes this feature article for The Horror Tree on his new novel, The Vile Thing We Created, and societal pressures to have children.

Letterboxd discover the horror movie inspirations behind writer Ian Rogers’ frightening fiction

Writer Ian Rogers, whose novelette ‘The House on Ashley Avenue’ is being adapted for Netflix by producer Sam Raimi, looks back at the horror cinema which has inspired his writing in this article for Letterboxd.

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