News Round-up Week Ending 26 April

Neil SpringBorley Rectory novel is a big hit

Quercus have announced that Neil Spring’s new novel The Ghost Hunters, based on the true story of Borley Rectory, is available for pre-order now. The book immediately topped the Amazon list for Horror Thrillers. Joanne Dickinson, who acquired the novel for Quercus said, “I am thrilled that Neil’s novel is both fascinating in its historical and social detail, and frankly terrifying in its story of the ghostly events at Borley Rectory.”

The Grimm scenes of Re-Animator

Grimm Up North are showing a double bill on Thursday 2 May at Stockport Plaza of Re-Animator and its sequel Bride of Re-Animator. Tickets are available at the Grimm Up North website.

Black Sabbath Postponed

Arrow Video have announced that their remastered version of Mario Bava’s classic Black Sabbath has been postponed until 13 May 2013. By way of apology to eager fans they have produced this clip of the Twice the Fear feature on the disc.


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