TIH 006: American Mary Review

American Mary

In this podcast we review American Mary directed and written by the Soska Sisters and starring Katharine Isabelle.


[0:35] American Mary synopsis

[3:05] Previous output from the Soska Sisters and expectations

[6:05] Dead Hooker In A Trunk

[8:43] Strong female protagonists

[12:30] Is Mary crazy?

[16:36] The visuals and body modifications

[19:10] Acceptance and alternative culture

[20:38] Original and politically engaged horror

[22:35] The wider reach of American Mary

[29:10] Spoiler: college professor and party. Too cliched?

[31:30] Love element

[35:12] Soska Twins cameo

[37:45] The British cop

[41:00] Were the male characters purposefully underdeveloped?

[46:00] The climax

[50:00] Final thoughts

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