News Round-up Week Ending 14 March

ConstantineHorror Channel app generates Nightmares

Horror Channel have launched their own iOS app that will terrorise users in their sleep. The app features 3 original stories by K.R. Griffiths and a number of other stories. Users listen to the app before bed and when they fall asleep the app influences their sleep with subtle sounds and atmospheric noise. The app can monitor the user’s tolerance to the nightmare among other things. It is available on iOS now and is coming to Android imminently.

Can you last the night?

Horror Camp Live is an immersive horror camping experience that is taking place in May and June in the UK. The event invites campers to pitch their tent, light a fire and then have the crap scared out of them for the duration of the evening. Featuring actors, creepy environments and dare based challenges, Horror Camp Live promises to provide real life chills for all horror fans. To book your place at one of this year’s events head over to the Horror Camp website.

Stoker Awards 2015 Announced

The Horror Writers Association have announced that the 2015 Stoker Awards and World Horror Convention will be held in Atlanta USA with Lisa Tuttle among the esteemed guests. Jonathan Maberry has been announced as Toastmaster. Early bird discount on tickets is available until 18 May from the WHC website.

Constantine pictures emerge

The first pictures from the NBC pilot of Constantine, the TV version of the DC Comics character. British actor Matt Ryan of Torchwood fame will take over the title role. The series has started shooting this week and is expected to air in the Autumn.


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