5 Must Read Horror Articles 17 March 2014


Welcome to this week’s edition of Must Read Horror, your one-stop shop for the best horror articles the internet has to offer. This week:

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Horror Cinema’s Scariest Killer Scarecrows

They scare crows, hence the clever name (who thinks these things up?), but scarecrows have been used to great effect in a whole plethora of horror movies. There’s something deeply unsettling about a crucified bag of straw, and anyone familiar with Worzel “a cup o’ tea and a slice o’ cake” Gummidge will have grown up with an odd fear of scarecrows, or Formidophobia as it’s more commonly known. In this article, FearNet take a look at some of horror cinema’s most chilling crow- and people-scarers.

Our Deepest Insecurities Served Up on a Plate

It is a proven fact that as soon as people start using the word “recession”, eighty percent of the population will fire up the oven and start hunting down grandma. But why is it that cannibalism rears its ugly head in times of social unrest? And why does Granny taste so damn good when your wallet’s empty? The Telegraph investigates.

Hannibal’s Feminist Take on Horror

Perhaps I should have eaten before starting this article, as we have another recommendation featuring cannibals. Here, In These Times take a look at NBC’s Hannibal, and how it eschews the common tropes in order to become more accessible to female watchers.

Joseph D’Lacey on Myth, the Written Word, and Mass Hallucination

Everyone’s favourite eco-maniac is back with the release of the second part in his Black Dawn duology, The Book of the Crowman, and in this guest-blog over at Sci-fi Bulletin, Joseph D’Lacey talks writing and how to bring myths to life using the written word.

Shallow and Vacuous: Conversations About Horror  With the Australian Feature Film Industry

This fascinating article over at MikeJones.tv looks at the Australian film industry, and why Australian producers and studios have seemingly forgotten horror’s rich and long legacy as a narrative form.


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