News Round-up Week Ending 9 November 2018

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


New from Lycopolis Press, Into the Night Eternal, an anthology of French folk horror

Made up of  four novellas by Romain Collier, Jan Edwards, Phil Sloman and Dean M. Drinkel, Into the Night Eternal is an anthology of horror inspired by the vivid and varied folklore of France. Released back on 8 October, the works were collected and edited by Dean M. Drinkel and concern themes such as the dark shadows that lurk in Paris’ Montmartre district to rural legends from France’s idyllic south. You can get hold of your copy, here.

MothlightNew from Adam Scovell comes Mothlight, a ghost story in the tradition of M. R. James

From the writer of Folk Horror: Hours Dreadful and Things Strange, comes Mothlight, a haunting novel in the tradition of M. R. James. A young researcher into the world of Moths, Thomas, works with a renowned expert in the field. He ends up caring for her in later life but, once she passes away, he finds himself gripped by the thought that he is the older woman. The situation leads him to scour through possessions, photos and more to understand what is happening before he himself is lost to memory. Mothlight is released 9 February 2019 and pre-order news will be available here soon.

Ogre Dallas Campbell

OGRE and Dallas Campbell announce new fictitious soundtrack, titled All Hallows’ II

Fresh from working on a rescoring of George A. Romero’s classic Night of the Living Dead and other work with Lakeshore Records (the people behind the soundtrack to Stranger Things among others) OGRE and Dallas Campbell have recently finished a new record, titled All Hallows’ II. An imagined journey through religious cults, the occult, the unfeeling cosmos and previously unexplored depths of the human condition, the album is a synthwave album, seeking to attain moods in the tradition of Goblin and John Carpenter. You can find more information on the album, which is released 25 January, here.

Devouring Dark

New genre-melding novel, Devouring Dark, from Alan Baxter, out now

Following the huge success that was Manifest Recall, Alan Baxter returns with a new novel which similarly breaks down the barriers between crime and supernatural horror. Devouring Dark finds Matt McLeod, a man tormented by devastating dark abilities since childhood, who had finally learnt to control his power and to use it as a supernatural vigilante. When one such mission goes wrong though, McLeod finds himself caught between a violent mob and a corrupt cop. Devouring Dark is exactly the kind of adrenaline-fuelled story we have come to expect from Alan Baxter and you can get your copy now, here.


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