News Round-up Week Ending 8 October 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

WallofDollsAvailable now from Otranto House and writer Yolanda Sfetsos, Wall of Dolls

For generations, the women of the Lucas family have lived in the small town of Whenall, Massachusetts, at Raven House. They make dolls that they call wardens to protect the townsfolk, a long tradition that some might believe holds no power, but a tradition that Whenall enjoys all the same. Quinn is proud of her heritage, her cousin Beth, however, isn’t interested her position as the future family matriarch. The girls spend their time with their two closest friends, Henri and Al, with Beth always taking the lead, flirting with the boys and leading them into mischief. One Halloween night, Al finds a Ouija board in the attic of Raven House, and Beth eagerly encourages them all to play with it, but Quinn knows that these boards are no game. Something was unleashed that Halloween night, and a year later, the girls will face the consequences. Can Quinn stop them from being devoured by the evil force that spoke to them that night? The force that haunts the woods surrounding Whenall town? With Henri by her side, she is sure as hell going to try… Available in paperback and eBook, you can pick up your copy here.


Available now from author Alan Golbourn, Famuli Cani

Dating back centuries, evil has returned inside Rothiemurchus Forest. With stories of people disappearing down the years and reports of fires being seen in the forest at night, animals have also been found dead — mutilated and slaughtered. When a farm, surrounded by the rich forest, is affected by unexplainable events and horrific slaughtering of some of the defenceless animals, a group; including an uncle and nephew, will soon face an unimaginable terror and horror, beyond comprehension … Available in eBook and paperback, you can pick up your copy here.

FemmeFatalesFemme Fatales, a new anthology by women in horror from Castle Bridge Media, out now

The theme is Femme Fatale—that beautiful and seductive temptress who is sure to cause disaster and destruction wherever she chooses to go. This time, for the Castle of Horror, we’re taking a dark peek into the mind of the female. These are horror stories from females, about females, edited by a female, each one featuring a clever twist on the femme fatale. Is she the villain or is she the hero? With everything from demons and snakes to taxidermy and strip poker, we’ve pulled together 16 tales that may leave you looking at your wife, your lover, your best friend, or just your next door neighbor, wondering “what is she really thinking?” Featuring stories from P. J. Hoover, Joy Preble, Christina Berry, Shelli Cornelison, Jessica Lee Anderson, Bernadette Johnson, S. de Freitas, Madeline Smoot, Carmen Gray, Jess Hagemann, Britta Jensen, S. N. Rodriguez, Miracle Austin, Katya de Becerra, M.J. Addy, and Beth Kander. Available in paperback and eBook, you can pick up your copy now, here.

AppletownAppletown, the new novel by Antoinette Corvo, out now from Red Cape Publishing

From Antoinette Corvo, author of Dirges in the Dark, The Ivory Tower, and The Cat That Caught the Canary comes Appletown… Melanie Magoo has a condition, a form of amnesia coupled with horrific nightmares, which has controlled her entire life. When a gruesome double murder takes place on Mel’s campus, she realises that things are not as they seem. Her only hope for answers is to return to her childhood home in Appletown and confront her estranged mother. She soon discovers that the town hides a secret much darker than anyone could imagine, and Mel finds herself hunted by creatures of indescribable horror. Appletown is an epic tale of dark fantasy and horror, filled with shocking twists and unlike anything you’ve read before. Available in eBook with a paperback to follow, you can pick up your copy here.

Witch Kings Rum - Both Tales of the Frontier CocktailsTwo ready to drink cocktails launched by Witch Kings Rum to commemorate the launch of Jamie Ryder’s At the Dead of Dusk

Celebrating the launch of Ryder’s debut novella At The Dead Of Dusk, the collaboration has involved the creation of two cocktails called Hammer Of The Witches and High Priestess. Hammer of The Witches is inspired by the protagonist of At The Dead Of Dusk, Clay McNab. An infamous witch hunter, McNab is tasked with transporting a young woman across a land of darkness in the novella. The cocktail has been made using Witch Kings Rum Fires Of The Wild and bourbon for a complex, mouth-punching drink to match McNab’s personality. High Priestess is inspired by the antagonist of At The Dead Of Dusk and McNab’s mortal enemy, Agnus Cartwright. High Priestess uses Witch Kings Rum Bohemian Dreams and Cachaca for a tangy, fruit cocktail. You can check out both celebratory drinks at the Witch Kings Rum website, here.


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