News Round-up Week Ending 8 April 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

UnderHerSkinOut now from Black Spot Books and editors Lindy Ryan and Toni Miller, Under Her Skin

Under Her Skin features the best in never-before-published dark verse and lyrical prose from the voices of Women in Horror. Centered on the innate relationship between body horror and the female experience, this collection features work from Bram-Stoker Award® winning and nominated authors, as well as dozens of poems from women (cis and trans) and non-binary femmes. Edited by Lindy Ryan and Toni Miller, Under Her Skin celebrates women in horror from cover to cover. In addition to poems contributed by seventy poets, the collection also features a foreword penned by Science Fiction Poetry Association (SFPA) Grand Master and recipient of the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award, Linda D. Addison; interior illustrations by Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association Grand Master and recipient of the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award Marge Simon; and cover art by noted horror artist Lynne Hansen. Available now in paperback and eBook editions, you can get yours here.

gwendy-s-final-task-Signed hard cover editions of Gwendy’s Final Task, available now from PS Publishing

When Gwendy Peterson was twelve, a mysterious stranger named Richard Farris gave her a mysterious box for safekeeping. It offered treats and vintage coins, but it was dangerous. Pushing any of its seven colored buttons promised death and destruction. Years later, the button box entered Gwendy’s life again. A successful novelist and a rising political star, she was once again forced to deal with the temptation that box represented. Now, evil forces seek to possess the button box and it is up to Senator Gwendy Peterson to keep it from them. At all costs. But where can you hide something from such powerful entities? In Gwendy’s Final Task, “horror giants” (Publishers Weekly) Stephen King and Richard Chizmar take us on a journey from Castle Rock to another famous cursed Maine city to the MF-1 space station, where Gwendy must execute a secret mission to save the world. And, maybe, all worlds. To pick up this hardcover edition, signed by Richard Chizmar, click here.

MotherMother, a new anthology of love and terror from Weird Little Worlds Press, up on Kickstarter now

Weird Little Worlds Press is pleased to announce it’s newest project, MOTHER: TALES OF LOVE AND TERROR, which will launch on Kickstarter April 8th, 2022. The new horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction anthology will include horror short stories from some today’s most accomplished horror writers alongside exciting new voices including Gemma Files, S.P. Miskowski, Shane Hawk, John Langan, Donyae Coles, Sarah Read, Steve Rasnic Tem, Christina Sng, Mercedes M. Yardley, and many others. In these stories, mothers become heroes and villains and the concept of motherhood is examined and stretched to its ultimate limits across time, space, gender, location, and ideology. But in each, the reader will be forced to examine the depth and breadth of what motherhood is and what a mother will do for her offspring. The anthology will be edited by Willow Dawn Becker and Christi Nogle for Weird Little Worlds Press, which published 2021’s Humans Are the Problem: a Monster’s Anthology and was included in the Horror Writer’s Association’s long list of recommended reading for the 2021 Bram Stoker Awards. To check out the kickstarter, and pledge for your perks, click here.

TheTriangleAvailable now from writer Robert P. Ottone and Raven Tale Publishing, The Triangle, book one of The Rise Trilogy

Born with a gift for engineering and technology, Azlynn and her father Merrill spend their days running a small shop in the flotilla community of Coral Cove. They scavenge shipwrecks, sunken vessels, and what precious little remains of the world before the planet drowned. With her best friend Ellis, they do their best to support their community, while struggling to survive. When a group of scouts sent by The Order, a mysterious and powerful northeastern cabal, goes missing in the nearby Bermuda Triangle, Merrill is tasked with finding them. Unbeknownst to him, Azlynn and Ellis have snuck aboard to join in on the mission to find out what lurks within The Triangle. The ancient, cosmic truths they discover may be more terrifying than they ever imagined. Available now in paperback and eBook, you can grab your copy here.

Apex2021Apex 2021: An Anthology of all of Apex Magazine’s 2021-published stories, up now on Kickstarter

Apex Magazine: 2021 is a print edition anthology compiling all the original short stories published in our digital zine, Apex Magazine, during the 2021 calendar year. It will be published and distributed through Apex Book Company. Apex Magazine had an exceptional 2021. Seven of the zine’s stories made the Locus Magazine Suggested Reading List. The zine placed a story on the Nebula finalist list and won a Stabby Award. In October 2021, we published an issue dedicated to Indigenous authors. In December 2021, we dedicated an issue to international authors. The anthology will include 48 stories from a diverse group of new and established writers and will feature the Apex Magazine Readers’ Choice Award-winning artwork “Entropic Garden” by Marcela Bolívar on the cover. A majority of the authors will include annotations about their contributing stories. Those stories without an author annotation will include a write-up by one of the Apex Magazine co-editors, Jason Sizemore or Lesley Conner, about what they see in the story and why it was selected. To check out the kickstarter and pledge for your perks, click here.


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