5 Must Read Horror Articles 11 April 2022


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

Bloody Disgusting look back forty years at Poltergeist and its miraculous women

Bloody Disgusting’s Jenn Adams looks back four decades at the original Poltergeist, homing in on its cast of mothers, mediums, and miraculous women.

Writer and academic Daniel Pietersen considers the gothic origins of sci-fi horror

In this long read on his blog, writer and academic Daniel Pietersen looks at the gothic origins of the sci-fi horror sub-genre.

LitReactor pick out ten dark recommendations for National Poetry Month

Sadie Hartmann writes this listicle for LitReactor, selecting ten dark examples for those seeking horror poetry this National Poetry Month.

The Horror Tree select eight recent reads which are genuinely frightening

Sheri White, writing for The Horror Tree, chooses eight recent horror reads which will genuinely chill readers.

Cemetery Dance’s Dark Pathways consider the craft of writing a sense of foreboding

Writer Ken Brosky, in this Dark Pathways craft article for Cemetery Dance, uses the short story nominations for this year’s Stoker Awards to consider the craft of writing to create a sense of foreboding.

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