News Round-up Week Ending 7 August 2020

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …


Limited hardcover edition of K. P. Kulski’s new novel Fairest Flesh, available now from Rooster Republic Press

Rooster Republic Press have announced this special dust-jacketed hardcover edition of K. P. Kulski’s new novel, Fairest Flesh, to be available direct from the publisher during the months of August and September only. Paul Tremblay said of the novel: “Deftly mashing together notorious historical figures, feminism, and the grimmest of fairy tales, Fairest Fleshis as brutally horrifying as it is mesmeric. Consider me a K.P. Kulski fan for life.” Coming this halloween in paperback and eBook editions, you can pick up the limited edition hardback right now, here.

DarknessDarkness Calls: Tales from the Shadows, out now from writer Alyson Faye

From writer Alyson Faye, author of The Maggie Of My Heart and Night of the Rider, comes Darkness Calls: Tales from the Shadows. This collection features  ten tales of the supernatural, the macabre and the weird for you to enjoy. They are set in Yorkshire – in a museum on Christmas Eve night where an ancient evil stalks, in a derelict church in Halifax where ghost children roam, in a Gothic cemetery where a boy finds himself stone-struck, and in other stories, women transform into magical powerful beings, and Krampus visits a Victorian family. In two new stories, never before published, Plague visits a village riding a dragon and a little girl takes a trip on a ghost train at the funfair, which is a once in a lifetime experience. Available now, only on Kindle, you can pick up your copy here.

Slaves to GravityOut now from Silver Shamrock Publishing, Slaves to Gravity, by Wesley Southard and Somer Canon

After waking up in a hospital bed, paralyzed from the waist down, Charlie Snyder had no idea where life would take her. Dejected, broken, and permanently bound to a wheelchair, she believed her life was truly over. That is…until gravity no longer applied. It started out slow. Floating from room to room. Menial tasks without assistance. When she decided to venture outside and take some real risks with her newfound ability, she rose above her own constraints to reveal a whole new world, and found other damaged individuals just like her to confide in. But there are other things out there, waiting in the dark. Repulsive, secretive creatures that don’t want Charlie to touch the sky. And they’ll stop at nothing to keep her on the ground. Released 4 August, you can pick up you copy in paperback or eBook now, here.


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  1. Thank you very much for the mention Kev, coincidentally I’ve just read Slaves to Gravity from Silver Shamrock

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