5 Must Read Horror Articles 10 August 2020


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to.  Without further ado:

Tor Nightfire hears from Daniel Kraus on the enduring impact of George A. Romero and The Living Dead

Emily Hughes, writing for Tor Nightfire, hears from Daniel Kraus about what it was like to complete new novel The Living Dead, working from the late George A. Romero’s manuscript and about the impact the legendary director continues to have on genre today.

LitReactor takes a look at the splatter western, a sub-genre which has exploded in recent years

Writer Jay Wilburn digs deep into the fascinating sub-genre of the splatter western, looking at how far removed it is from the classic western template and just what has made it so popular recently.

Bloody Disgusting discuss how the Resident Evil franchise’s mastery of perspective created a masterpiece

Bloody Disgusting’s Wesley Lara studies the development of horror in games and comes to the conclusion that it is perspective – the game’s ability to put you at the heart of the horrific – which makes Resident Evil such a roaring success.

Ink Heist feature brand new original fiction from Paul Michael Anderson

In this latest offering from Ink Heist’s original fiction series, Paul Michael Anderson, whose metaphysical science fiction slasher, Standalone is coming this September from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, offers up a brand new piece, titled ‘Everything Feels Wrong Without You.’

Gwendolyn Kiste kicks off a new round table series of interviews with contributors to Fright Girl Summer

On her blog, Gwendolyn Kiste starts a new round table with contributors to Fright Girl Summer, a new project curated by V. Castro and Sonora Taylor to promote female horror authors.

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