News Round-up Week Ending 6 February


Year’s Best Weird Fiction – Volume 2

The table of contents and cover art for Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 2 has been released. Guest editor, Kathe Koja and series editor, Michael Kelly, have announced the table of contents for volume 2 of the anthology. The compilation will include works from authors who have written for a range of publications, such as Nathan Ballingrud (Fearful Symmetries), Karen Joy Fowler (Subterranean Press Magazine) and Amanda C. Davis (Crossed Genres Magazine), amongst many more. Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 2 is due for release in September 2015.

Dead Still

Content Films are all set to release their latest horror flick, Dead Still, on Monday 9 February. The film, presented by SyFy, follows photographer, Brandon Davis (Ben Browder), who inherits a Victorian camera from his great grandfather. It isn’t long before his subjects start to die horrific deaths before reappearing as creepy death portraits.

Time travel with Predestination

From Friday 20 February, audiences can travel back in time with Ethan Hawke in his latest movie, Predestination. Written and directed by the Spierig brothers (Daybreakers), Predestination follows the life of a Temporal Agent (Ethan Hawke), who travels through time on an eternal journey of law enforcement. The story marks his final assignment where he must find the only criminal who has ever slipped through his fingers. The film is based on the classic short story ‘All You Zombies’ by Robert A. Heinlein.

The Sleeping Room

From the writer and producer of Panic Button, John Shackleton, comes The Sleeping Room. Following its UK premiere at FrightFest, The Sleeping Room, will soon be available on demand and to download in Great Britain. The film is a classic Victorian tale of revenge, following call-girl, Blue, who is sent to meet an unusual punter who will lead her down a path of supernatural horror, unleashing an unstoppable force of evil. The Sleeping Room will make its debut on Monday 27 April.



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