News Round-up Week Ending 30 July 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

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Oblivion in Flux, a new collection of cyber prose by Maxwell I. Gold, coming 6 August from Crystal Lake Publishing

Oblivion in Flux, the debut prose poetry collection of Maxwell I. Gold, takes the reader on a trip along demented railways and past rhizomatic tubular dreamscapes, to find themselves transported to plastic cities where the Cyber Gods sit on thrones of ivory and bone. With over 50 poems in this volume, you’ll discover artifacts and forgotten places, ruins and dark secrets. Oblivion in Flux intertwines prosaic story-telling and poetic visions, to tell the narrative of the Cyber Gods and those who have met them. The book will feature original poems and reprints as well as a brand-new collaborative prose poem written by the author and Bram Stoker Award winner and SFPA Grandmaster, Linda D. Addison. Released 6 August, you can pre-order your copy now, here.

TheBadBookOut now from Bleeding Edge Books and editor John F. D. Taff, The Bad Book

The Good Book. You might have clutched it in your church pew on Sunday mornings. You know the one? With the pebbled black soft cover, the words HOLY BIBLE stamped in gold ink. Perhaps it strengthened your faith, comforted you in dark times. Multiple Bram Stoker Award-nominated John F.D. Taff has assembled a Last Supper of Dark Apostles to turn some of those “good book” parables on their heads–twisting Bible stories into sinister horror tales. Blasphemous? Heretical? We sincerely hope so. As you read on, remember one thing, though. There’s no comfort to be found in The Bad Book. No comfort at all. Including stories by Philip Fracassi, Kristi DeMeester, John Langan … and many more … Also includes story illustrations by Giuseppe Balestra. Available now, in paperback and eBook, you can pick up your copy here.

AllThingsDeadlybyECHanson_900xNew from author E. C. Hanson and D&T Publishing, All Things Deadly: Salem Stories

Salem, Massachusetts. A town with a rich history of spirits and witches. It’s a place Adam Frost, a former paranormal investigator, never intended to visit again. But his teenage daughter is troubled and shows early signs of self-harm. Can the trip save their fractured relationship? Only time, and a haunted house, will tell. All Things Deadly (Salem Stories) is Hanson’s debut horror collection. Surrounding the Frost storyline is a series of tales that utilize the coastal city to ratchet up the chills. Read if you dare.  Coming to Amazon soon, you can pick it up at Godless, here.


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