News Round-up Week Ending 30 December 2022

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

AdiosHombreLobosOut now from writer Andrew Martin and D&T Publishing, Adios Hombre Lobos

Influenced by the works of John Carpenter, Sam Peckinpah, and Kathryn Bigelow as much as classic werewolf fiction, Adios Hombre Lobos takes place just after the American Civil War and is the story of Union guerillas bound for Mexico with a load of stolen gold. As they prepare to cross the Dead Man’s Walk, 60 waterless miles to Mexico, they’re ambushed by a detachment of US Calvary. Is the Calvary after them? Their gold? Or is the Calvary after something much worse than these hardened gunfighters that stalks the Jornada Del Muerto? Bullets will fly, blood will splatter, and bush whackers will be disemboweled in Adios Hombre Lobos. Available now on Godless, with other online retailers following shortly, you can grab your copy here.

like-real-coverjpegAvailable for pre-order now from writer Shelly Lyons and Ghoulish Books, Like Real, arriving 14 February

In Shelly Lyons’s debut novel, Like Real, Vic Moss—kenjutsu hobbyist and clueless Lothario—lets vanity dictate his decision to acquire an experimental new-tech prosthesis that promises to evolve into a seamless, realistic looking hand. Instead, it tears from his body, transforms into his clone, and pursues a relationship with the same woman Vic has in his crosshairs—forcing Vic to kill or be replaced. This mind-bending body horror rom-com is a rollicking Cronenbergian gene splice of Idle Hands and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. It’s freaky. It’s fun. It’s Like Real. Available for pre-order now in paperback and eBook editions, you can guarantee your copy at the Ghoulish Books Store, here.

ghost-dreams-hardcover-by-matthew-hughes-5915-pOut now from author Matthew Hughes and PS Publishing, Ghost Dreams

Commercial burglar Stan Winkelman encounters the ghost of a Jane Manchester, wrongly confined for life in a 1940s insane asylum by a powerful family. She wants to know what happened to Harmon, the baby boy that was stolen from her. Aided by Jeannie, his ghost-obsessed autistic daughter, Stan and Jane begin a quest to find Harmon, or his descendants. But their search will run them afoul of Andrew Bigelow, reclusive heir to the fortune Jane was robbed of. And Bigelow is in cahoots with a murderous crew who deal in guns and blood diamonds and will stop at nothing to keep their crimes hidden. Stan uses his burglar skills to uncover the truth, but that will draw him and Jeannie into a deadly confrontation, with the vengeful spirit of Jane Manchester his only ally. Available in an unsigned jacketed hardcover as well as a signed and numbered limited edition, you can pick up your copy here.


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