Look Out For … Episode Thirteen by Craig DiLouie

Episode Thirteen by Craig DiLouie - cover

“With his latest, DiLouie presents a found footage nightmare, twisting the trope to horrifying heights as only he can.” 


Hosted by husband and wife team Matt and Claire Kirklin, Fade to Black is the latest ghost-hunting reality TV ratings hit. Viewers tune in every week to watch the team investigate hauntings with dedicated paranormal activity experts.

For Episode Thirteen, the team heads over to the holy grail for every ghost-hunter: The Paranormal Research Foundation. The derelict mansion conducted strange experiments there in the 1970s, and the team hopes to uncover its secrets. Famously haunted, they hope to use their high-tech gear to prove the existence of ghosts, but when the house begins to reveal its secrets to them, proof of the paranormal might not be everything they dreamed it would be.



Why we’re excited about this book:

Craig DiLouie is quickly establishing himself as one of the most consistent writers of horror fiction. The author of The Infection Trilogy, The Armor series, The Aviator series, One of Us, Suffer the Children, and The Children of Red Peak, DiLouie’s work has been translated into multiple languages and optioned for film. With his latest, DiLouie presents a found footage nightmare, twisting the trope to horrifying heights as only he can. Peter Clines (14, The Fold) calls the book: “A beautiful Russian doll of a story … Episode Thirteen hooks you, creeps you out, and then it overwhelms you. It’s House of Leaves meets Haunting of Hill House, in all the best possible ways.”, and Kealan Patrick Burke (Kin, Sour Candy, We Live Inside Your Eyes) says Episode Thirteen is “An epistolary descent into a living nightmare … well-written and genuinely unsettling. Fans of paranormal documentaries, ghost-hunting shows, and found-footage horror will lose their minds over this one.”, while David Moody (Hater, Autumn) says: “It’s the literary equivalent of a found footage movie, and it works beautifully. Part ghost story, part metaphysical horror, total nightmare—Episode Thirteen is a must read.”

Unleashing from Redhook 24 January 2023, Episode Thirteen by Craig DiLouie is available for pre-order now.


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