News Round-up Week Ending 30 April 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

SpawnComing May 3, Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies, edited by Deborah Sheldon

Released May 3 through IFWG Publishing, comes Spawn: Weird Horror Tales About Pregnancy, Birth and Babies, edited by Deborah Sheldon. This is a selection of the darkest Australian fiction. Spawn… taps into anxieties, painful memories, and nightmares. Here, your worst fears come true. Penned by established authors and fresh new voices, these stories range from the gothic and phantasmagorical, through the demonic and supernatural, to the dystopian and sci-fi. Prepare for a visceral, frightening read. Featuring work by: Geraldine Borella, Jack Dann, Rebecca De Visser, Jason Fischer, Rebecca Fraser, Gary Kemble, David Kuraria, Paul Mannering, Tracie McBride, Samantha Murray, and more. Available 3 May in paperback and eBook formats, you can pre-order your copy here.

The Art of AnatomyAvailable now from Mannison Minibooks, The Art of Anatomy, by Gary Power

When Gregori Dragan’s carnival of the bizarre rolls into the dusty desert town of Snake Falls in the Summer of 1936, one thing is for sure—there will be repercussions. For the grifter, the carny, the cripple, and the reluctant beauty queen there is an uncertain future. Lives will be changed forever, some for the good, and some…maybe not so much. But for Dragan, the denouement is his spectacular sideshow: The Art of Anatomy. Witnessing it is not for the faint of heart; becoming part of it is best not even contemplated. The Art of Anatomy by Gary Power is a Mannison Minibook published by Mannison Press and is available in paperback and eBook now.

I is for InternetI Is For Internet, book 9 in Red Cape Publishing’s A – Z of Horror series, out now

I is for Internet, the ninth book in an epic series of twenty-six horror anthologies. In this book you will find a collection of thirteen unsettling tales from some of the most imaginative independent horror writers on the scene today. Each story takes a new look at the potential horrors of the online world, from stalkers to cyber-demons, artificial intelligence to predators. I is for Internet will plug you straight into the mainframe and have you desperate to pull the plug. Available now in paperback and eBook, you can pick up your copy here.


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