News Round-up Week Ending 3 July

The Grieving Stones

FrightFest line-up announced

The line-up for this year’s Film4 FrightFest has been announced. The festival has unleashed a massive array of films for the viewing pleasure of its rabid audience. The festival covers horror in all forms from foreign language films to remastered classics and the festival always pays homage to its British heritage with a healthy dose of home-grown talent on display. Tickets are available on Saturday 4 July (tomorrow!) for the five day extravaganza that runs from 27 – 31 August in the VUE West End Cinema in London. Head over to the FrightFest website now to check out the extensive line-up and find out how to score your own tickets.

GrimmFest Expands

The organisers of GrimmFest are thrilled to announce that this year’s festival will take place in the impression Odeon Printworks in Manchester. The 20 screen cineplex hosts the biggest IMAX screen outside of London. Tickets for this year’s event which runs from 1-4 October will go on sale on 17 July.

The Grieving Stones

The Grieving Stones, the upcoming novella from British genre stalwart Gary McMahon has been made available to pre-order from Spectral Press. The book is limited to 100 hardback copies but will also be available as a paperback. David Verba has supplied the gorgeous cover art. Order your copy today from Spectral Press.

Simon Bestwick “coming in your ears”

The Faceless author Simon Bestwick will be interviewed this Saturday 4 July on North Manchester FM. He will be questioned by Hannah Kate, the same host who interviewed Cate Gardner for the radio station a few weeks ago. You can listen online at the North Manchester FM website.

Drunken Fireworks arrive early

Stephen King’s latest story Drunken Fireworks has arrived early as an audiobook release only. The story features newly rich and often drunk Alden McCausland and his ongoing battles with his richer neighbours across the lake that separates their houses. You can get the audiobook from the Simon & Schuster website now.




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