5 Must Read Horror Articles 6 July 2015


Welcome to Must Read Horror. The internet has been scoured once again for the week’s best horror articles, and the results are in:

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How Horror Games Give Us the Fright We’re Looking For

This article from The Conversation looks at why we choose to play games which are designed to terrify us.

Cannibalism and Other Nightmarish Things: Sleeping Beauty

Not all fairytales have happy endings. In fact, many of your favourite Disney cartoons couldn’t have been farther from the truth. In this article, Tor looks at Giambattista Basile’s original Sleeping Beauty, a story that would give Martyrs a run for its money.

Looking Back at M Night Shyamalan’s The Happening

Den of Geek puts forth a defense for M Night Ramalamadingdong’s Marky-Mark starrer, The Happening, in which people working on the movie committed suicide because of how bad it was and they simply left the footage in.

The Essential Guide to Streaming Stephen King

Decider looks at the best way to access your favourite Stephen King content online, and without breaking the law.

A Bloody Good Time: More of the Most Bizarre Horror Films Ever

In this article, 411Mania looks at some of the most outrageous horror movies ever made.


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