News Round-up Week Ending 3 February 2017

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre Independent Italiand news that caught our eye during the last week …


Shut In, starring Oscar nominee Naomi Watts gets VOD, DVD & Blu-Ray release

Naomi Watts stars as Mary, a child psychologist who must find out what happened to a patient who has disappeared, in a New England Gothic film which plays on the dreadful isolation of an unrelenting blizzard and her need to give round-the-clock care to her paralysed son. Shut In has been slated for a 24 February release on VOD, with the DVD and Blu-ray release coming on 10 April. Take a look at the trailer.


Independent short film The Ouija Board Secret from indie director Andrea Ricca released

Claiming a zero budget production, with 100% of the film being produced by writer and director Andrea Ricca, The Ouija Board Secret finds its protagonist attempting to contact his departed love using a ouija board, with horrifying results. The film is a 2-minute short, but has been well received y a variety of genre publications and websites. You can find more about it here.


Wild west-themed weird fiction with werewolves in Eric Red’s two forthcoming novels

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if werewolves were dropped into a wild west scenario with a weird fiction bent (who hasn’t?) then Eric Red’s forthcoming novels The Wolves of El Diablo and The Guns of Santa Sangra have the answer. Released through the UK’s Short Scary Tales publishing house, the first of the novels is available now and all the information on the release is available on their website, here.

The-Chamber-Movie-PosterClaustrophobic thriller The Chamber set for UK cinematic release, 10 March

Survival thriller, The Chamber finds a special ops team trapped in their submersible below the Yellow Sea. They face a race against time to escape with their lives before they succumb to the dangers of the elements and one-another. The film receives its UK cinema release on 10 March.


First English-language release from Bangladeshi horror graphic novel writer Nafee Muhammad Anam gets release

After achieving some success in his native Bengali language in Bangladeshi teen magazines, thanks to the help of professional translaters, the UK-based writer and illustrator releases his first book in English, entitled Royal Bengal Horror. Full details of the release, including the option to pre-order a copy, can be found at his official facebook page.


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