News Round-up Week Ending 27 August 2021

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

The-Run-Fantastic-cover-1-scaledOut today from Luke Kondor and Bizarro Pulp Press, The Run Fantastic

At 5:45 am, Ampersand Jones develops a brain aneurysm and dies in his sleep. He then gets up and goes for a run. With his positive-thinking podcasts for company, he decides that he’s going to run himself back to life, having to outrun warring running clubs, reanimated road kill, and the personification of death along the way. The Run Fantastic is a surreal comedy about lost boys and dead things, sitting somewhere between The Mighty BooshPeter Pan, and Beetlejuice. From Luke Kondor, author of Take The Corvus and the non-fiction book on podcasting One to Five Million, comes this bizarro novel, which has already received praise from such leading lights of the genre as Carlton Mellick III and Madeleine Swann. Available in paperback and eBook, you can grab your copy here.

NonentityFrom Bloodshot Books and author Todd Keisling, Nonentity, book three of the monochrome trilogy, coming 28 September

In 2012, fans of Donovan Candle were held in suspense at the conclusion of The Liminal Man. Nine years later, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author Todd Keisling returns to finish what he started with Nonentity, the final chapter of the Monochrome Trilogy. Following the cataclysmic demise of Albert Sparrow, the balance between Monochrome and Spectrum is weakened, and both realities begin to collide. The sky is fractured, quakes tear through the earth, and pallid abominations slip between the cracks to wreak havoc upon the world. As Donna, Michael, Alice, and Quinn struggle to survive the onslaught and find safety, Donovan Candle journeys across a gray wasteland toward the Monochrome’s center. There, a sleeping entity known as the Ungod feeds on the dreams and failures of humanity—and may be the key to restoring the balance. But what awaits Donovan is far more sinister, as a centuries-old stalemate between Aleister Dullington and his former master, Pontius Vile, is reaching its breaking point … Available to pre-order in eBook, with a paperback to follow soon, you can pre-order your copy here.

Rock Band

Out now from Ghost Orchid Press and editor A. R. Ward, Rock Band, an anthology of microfiction

Grunge, pop, dance… Whatever your genre, music can be a huge source of inspiration for writing. For this anthology of Hundred Word Horror stories, we challenged a band of talented writers from around the globe to write a horror story in just one hundred words. The only stipulation? It must be inspired by a song. Here you’ll find cursed rock stars, demonic records, and deadly one-hit wonders. Wherever possible, we’ve listed the song inspiration along with the story, so you can sing along to your heart’s content. Just be warned: you’ll never listen to these songs the same way again. Available in paperback and eBook, you can pick up your copy now.


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