Look Out For … Nightmare Yearnings: Stories by Eric Raglin

Nightmare Yearnings- Stories by Eric Raglin - cover

“With his first collection, Raglin isn’t afraid to get strange and weird, pulling out all the stops with sixteen tales of horror.”

A widow is haunted by a weird flock of extinct birds.

Mothman ruins a couple’s idyllic rural paradise with prophecies of doom.

A thrill-seeker grows obsessed with a language learned during near death experiences.

To win over his family’s love, a boy participates in a strange cannibal cooking show.

These tales, and more Nightmare Yearnings.

Why we’re excited about this book:

Eric Raglin is relatively new to horror fiction, but has clearly made a name for himself as one of the freshest voices in the genre. His short fiction has appeared in such publications as Divination Hollow, Sirens Call, HyphenPunk, Dread Stone Press, Novel Noctule, as well as the anthologies Beneath: An Anthology of Dark Microfiction, and Shiver: A Chilling Horror Anthology, and he was also the editor of ProleSCARYet: Tales of Horror and Class Warfare. Beside writing and editing, Eric is the host of the popular Cursed Morsels Podcast. With his first collection, Raglin isn’t afraid to get strange and weird, pulling out all the stops with sixteen tales of horror. Tyler Jones (Criterium, Almost Ruth) says: “Nightmare Yearnings is a dark and propulsive book of mind-splinters. From page one you’ll be hooked by the voice, the images, and the uneasy sense that these really are nightmares, dictated from a place just beyond dreaming.”, and Eric Larocca (Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke) says, “Eric Raglin’s marvelous debut short story collection is a precious gift—a treasure trove of strangeness—that will beguile, mystify, and astound even the most discerning reader of weird fiction.”. Hailey Piper (Queen of Teeth, The Worm and His Kings) adds “Nightmare Yearnings is a suspenseful snake, luring you in with humanity and enthralling you with oddity, only for humanity to coil around again and sink its teeth in when you least expect it.”

Why Eric’s excited about this book:

“I’m excited for Nightmare Yearnings to land in the hands of spooky, queer, anti-capitalist weirdos. If the book does that, I’ll be a happy man!”

Forthcoming 4 September 2021, Nightmare Yearnings: Stories by Eric Raglin is available for pre-order now.


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