News Round-up Week Ending 26 July 2019

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

ToBeDevouredNew from Bram Stoker Award-winner Sara Tantlinger and Unnerving, To Be Devoured, available for Pre-order now

Andi wants to know what carrion tastes like. She watches the vultures outside her home and becomes fascinated to know what they do. With the help of her girlfriend, Luna and her therapist, she battles to overcome her obsession. Will she be able to forget the flock or will she turn those she loves into nothing more than things to be devoured? To Be Devoured by Bram Stoker Award-winner Sara Tantlinger focusses on the obsession with the macabre side of nature. Available from Unnerving Press, is released 29 July. You can pre-order your copy right now, here.

Killing AngelsNew from writer Michael McGovern, Killing Angels, available now

From the author of Morbid Thoughts, Michael McGovern, comes Killing Angels. McGovern’s second novel features the angels returning to earth but, rather than a reason to rejoice, their sole mission is to end the lives of every man, woman and child on the planet. With two year’s notice on the end of humanity, society begins to collapse. The ‘Voodoo King,’ Remy Laveau seeks to fight back against the angels and creates New Sodom in his city of New Orleans. The struggle will be not only against the angels, but also against the people who support them and are often even more dangerous. You can get hold of your copy of Killing Angels, which was released on 22 July, here.


New from writer Andrew Cull, Remains, out 1 August

Driven to a breakdown by the brutal murder of her son, Lucy Campbell had become a ghost of herself in room 23b of the William Tuke Psychiatric Hospital. She had thought she might remain there forever, until she found herself back in her car, calling to her son through the blank panes of the now abandoned house where the boy died. Steve Stred (The Girl Who Hid In The Trees) calls Remains “scary, deep, haunting and heartbreaking.” Released 1 August, you can pre-order your copy right now, here.

coffinmakers-blues-collected-writings-on-terror-hardcover-stephen-volk-4861-pNew from PS Publishing and writer Stephen Volk, Coffinmaker’s Blues, out now

Coffinmaker’s Blues is a collection of the non-fiction essays of Stephen Volk, covering decades of commentary on writing, from the creative process to the innermost thoughts of one of the great writers working today. Volk gave a fascinating insight to the content of the book in conversation with Kit Power (Godbomb) at Edge Lit in Derby, a conversation which PS Publishing have now made available on this podcast. For writers and readers alike, Coffinmaker’s Blues is available now from PS Publishing in a typically beautiful hardcover, here.


Book of Monsters UK PosterFilm Book of Monsters, gets August UK release

From Rift Films and director Stewart Sparke, Book of Monsters finally receives a UK BluRay and VOD release, this August. Premiering back at Frightfest 2018 in London, Book of Monsters is a darkly comic horror film, centred around eighteen-year-old Sophie’s birthday party, when a band of six monsters descend, unleashing outlandish levels of gore. Check out the trailer, below and look out for the movie’s home video release next month.


Released 3 August from Stitched Smile Publications, Peter Molnar’s Broken Birds

Broken Birds is the story of an Iraq war veteran turned Pulitzer prize-winning author who moves to a new town with his girlfriend and his former service dog, who he took home after his tour of duty. All they want is a quiet life, but then they happen upon their new neighbours and things take a dark turn. Broken Birds is released 3 August and is available for pre-order now, here.


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