5 Must Read Horror Articles 29 July 2019


Welcome to Must Read Horror, where we search the internet for the best horror articles of the week so you don’t have to. Without further ado:

Bloody Disgusting pick out possession horror films that do something new with the trope

Demonic possession is as old as human civilisation, and films containing this subject matter often followed the same tried, tested, unoriginal path. Bloody Disgusting’s Meagan Navarro picks out a few examples, starting with the current release, Luz, where things are a little more original.

Betty Rocksteady writes a guest post for the Ladies of Horror Fiction on her Creature fascination

Anyone familiar with Betty Rocksteady’s fiction will know that she is not afraid to tangle with grotesque entities, be they in monster, alien or human form. In this guest article for The Ladies of Horror Fiction, she explains the origins of her fascination with creatures.

In his latest blog post, writer Tim Waggoner talks about why mystery can be so important to horror

Tim Waggoner talks, in his latest blog post, about how horror stories can often benefit from a little mystery and a lack of specificity, as well as how sometimes, advice from editors or readers to spell things out, can kill a story.

Movieweb take an in-depth look at Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark and discuss why it isn’t a standard anthology film

Mike Sprague of Movieweb digs deep into Andre Ovredal’s new adaptation of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, produced by Guillermo Del Toro, and explains why it is more than just a simple anthology film.

Hellnotes talks to S. L. Edwards about his new release, Whiskey, And Other Unusual Ghosts

Hellnotes’ Gordon B. White sits down for a chat with S. L. Edwards to talk about his debut collection, Whiskey, and Other Unusual Ghosts, released through Gehenna & Hinnom Books.

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