News Round-up Week Ending 24 August 2018

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

This+Dreaming+IsleBritish Folklore-based Fantasy/Horror Anthology, This Dreaming Isle announced as kickstarter by Unsung Stories

Newly independent, after buying themselves out from their parent company, following the success of the 2084 anthology, Unsung Stories have announced a new fantasy and horror anthology on the theme of British folklore, titled This Dreaming Isle. Edited by Dan Coxon, and featuring stories by authors such as Ramsey Campbell, Angela Readman, Tim Lebbon and Stephen Volk, it’s sure to be packed with excellent tales of British folklore, including some from beyond London. Guarantee your copy on the kickstarter page, here.

The Cry

Supernatural horror comic, The Cry, talking child abuse through a monster who feeds on children’s fear-created tears

Written by J. S. Earls, The Cry is a new supernatural horror comic, being crowdfunded through indiegogo. Focussing on a monster which feeds on the tears of children when frightened, the comic’s message is one that confronts child abuse and takes a firm stand against it. Get more information on the Indiegogo page here.

Lost FilmsvCover Image

Eagerly awaited anthology, Lost Films released by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing

Featuring stories by Gemma Files, Bob Pastorella, Brian Evenson, Kristi DeMeester and more, the new film-themed anthology, Lost Films was released this past Tuesday (21 August) by Perpetual Motion Machine publishing and is edited by Max Booth III and Lori Michelle. Already racking up great reviews from a host of horror outlets, this is definitely one to check out.


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