News Round-up Week Ending 23 March 2018

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

ListenerPS Publishing announce new Robert McCammon novel The Listener, published by Cemetery Dance

Set in the period of the great depression in the context of the many hundreds of young people kidnapped at the time, The Listener, by Robert McCammon is the story of two deeply twisted people who kidnap two children. This is horror with strange elements, but one which contains nothing of the supernatural, instead focussing on the horrors that humans enact on one another. Often an altogether more frightening theme. As ever, the novel is presented in a lovingly crafted hardback with an understated cover. You can get hold of your copy for £25, here.

spidar-by-bryan-alaspaNew novel, S.P.I.D.A.R., by Bryan Alaspa, available now from Beacon Publishing

Bryan Alaspa, author of The Rig and other novels has released his latest novel through Beacon Publishing. Titled S.P.I.D.A.R., the story is based in Alaska on an old military facility, which is now used to house the small community that remains in the town. When a body washes ashore from the military base on a neighbouring island in mysterious circumstances, the coroner wants a thorough autopsy to confirm the cause of death. When that cause is then found to be unclear, a race against time begins, to unravel the mystery of exactly what killed the person, with dark consequences. The book is available now in paperback and eBook editions and you can pick up your copy here.

CorpsepaintWord Horde have revealed the cover for their latest release, Corpsepaint, by David Peak

Described as a story of Black Metal music, human malevolence and cosmic horror, Corpsepaint, by David Peak (The Spectacle of the Void) is set for release on 30 April. The cover, revealed this week by Word Horde, offers a gruesome insight into the novel. The book itself has already received great acclaim in early reviews, both from magazines and fellow authors and is sure to be one to watch out for. This is Horror will bring you our own review in due course. In the meantime, you can pre-order your own copy directly from the Word Horde website, here.



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