News Round-up Week Ending 22 November 2019

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

freedom-house-ebook_2The Cult Called Freedom House, the first in the Sophia Rey series and debut novel by Stephanie Evelyn, out now

Everyone but Sophia and Cyrus were going to die. They were all goners well before they knew it. And they certainly thought whatever was happening, they were helping others and saving the world doing it. Samantha was only fourteen and looking for what every fourteen-year-old looks for— freedom. She wanted to be as far away from her substance-riddled mother and abusive home as possible, but she never asked for anything like this. It always starts with just one person and one fucked up idea. This is the story about Samantha and the cult called Freedom House. A psychological horror thriller, this book will frustrate you, scare you, disturb you, and at times, it will make you want to be ill. Are you ready to learn what’s going on behind the doors of Freedom House? This first novel by Stephanie Evelyn is receiving rave reviews from magazines and websites alike. Laurel Hightower (Whispers in the Dark) says: “A deeply disturbing premise, uniquely presented, cunningly plotted, and with chilling detail. A progression and ramp up that’s all too plausible – this one’s going to stick with me. Not for the faint of heart.” Grab your copy today, here.

deathdreamsinthedarkThe new collection by J. R. Park, Death Dreams in the Dark, released today, from The Sinister Horror Company

New from J. R. Park, author of Punch and many more, comes Death Dreams in the Dark, a collection of short stories, released through the UK-based Sinister Horror Company. Including such stories as ‘Nunight,’ ‘The Darkling,’ ‘Do What Thou Wilt’ and ‘Ugly,’ about which DLS reviews say: “There’s a whole underground Candyman (1992) style vibe whispered throughout the story. Something that taunts you. Plays with your senses and sets your imagination loose to explore darkened passages you may not wish to travel down.” Available in Kindle or paperback formats and released today, you can get your copy here.

A voice so softNew from writer Patrick Lacey and Grindhouse Press, A Voice So Soft, coming 3 December

Released on 3 December from writer Patrick Lacey (Where Stars Won’t Shine) comes A Voice So Soft. Angie Everstein, America’s newest pop queen, is sweeping the nation with her number one single “Forever with You.” When a string of murders and strange occurrences plague the country, police officer Mike Mallory believes Angie is somehow connected. Joined by a psychology professor, an amateur record producer, and Angie’s twin sister, Shawna, Mike will need to act quickly to stop the murders from spreading. Because Angie’s coming home to Salem, Massachusetts for the concert of a lifetime on Halloween night. And her fans are quite rabid. Pre-order your copy right now, here.


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