News Round-up Week Ending 22 February 2019

Here’s a small selection of the horror and genre news that caught our eye during the last week …

Auld MitherNew release by prolific author William Meikle, a re-release of The Auld Mither, out now from Unnerving

An old hag with razor-sharp teeth, named ‘The Auld Mither’ is killing off proponents of a new abbatoir in a deer-farming community. Will Dave Duncan escape being the next victim? From Unnerving press in both paperback and eBook, William Meikle’s The Auld Mither returns to bookshelves after going out of print some time ago. Fans of the Scottish writer will know his work from previous releases such as Operation: SiberiaThe Midnight Eye Files and more than two hundred short stories featured in a variety of magazines and anthologies. Released on 20 February, The Auld Mither is available now, here.

collisionNew from author J. S. Breukelaar comes Collision, a collection of short stories, published by Meerkat Press

Following on from Aletheia, published in 2017 by Crystal Lake Publishing and nominated for several awards, J. S. Breukelaar is back with a collection of short stories from Meerkat Press. Breukelaar’s finest stories are collected for the first time in this book, along with four previously unpublished tales. One of those is the novella, ‘Ripples on a Blank Shore.’ The collection features an introduction by Angela Slatter (CorpselightA Feast Of Sorrows) and has already received a raft of excellent reviews. Released on February 18, Collision is available now, here.

WaterforDrowningWater for Drowning, the exceptional chapbook by Ray Cluley, released by This is Horror is resurfacing as an audio book

Ray Cluley’s Water for Drowning was a huge success as part of This is Horror’s chapbook series, garnering rave reviews and quickly establishing itself as a reader favourite. Now, as a first step into the world of audiobooks for This is Horror, Water For Drowning will soon be available on Audible as an audiobook, narrated by R. J. Bayley. More news on details as and when they become available.


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