News Round-up Week Ending 21 November

Dead Lands

Wayne Simmons gets Infected

Infected Books have announced that author Wayne Simmons is the newest arrival to their team. As IB intend on expanding their domain in the near future, Wayne’s role of marketing and promotion of the IB catalogue couldn’t be more relevant. Simmons has been published by IB before, and is known for his noir novella Girl in the Basement. You can find out more about Wayne Simmons and his new role at IB by visiting the Infected Books website.

Details of The Dead Lands emerge

On 9 April 2015, Hodderscape will release Benjamin Percy’s latest book, The Dead Lands. But if you think that is too long to wait, you can tease yourself with the front cover, revealed on the website this week. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where the survivors go in search of a more fertile land, led by one man who may not be all that he seems. You can view The Dead Lands cover at Hodderscape now.

Encore orders Midwinter of the Spirit

For a channel that has up until now not had its own original drama series, there isn’t a much better place to start than a three-part supernatural thriller written by Stephen Volk. The channel has announced that for the first time, they are commissioning an original drama to be aired on ITV Encore. The series is based on Phil Rickman’s ‘Merrily Watkins’ novels, and tells the story of a female priest who is enlisted to help the police with their search for the person responsible for a recent murder by crucifixion. It is not long before Merrily believes that paranormal forces may be at work.

Get your date for the Apocalypse

The final installment of the Spanish horror franchise, Rec 4: Apocalypse, will be released by Magnet on Friday 2 January 2015. Directed by Jaume Balaguero, co-creator of the series, the final chapter tells the story of Angela Vidal, sole survivor of a chain of horrific events. She must piece together what memory she has in order to survive. The film will be available in US cinemas, on iTunes and On Demand from 2 January.

Lansdale joins Dark Regions

Best-selling author Joe R Lansdale returns to the horror genre with his new novella, Prisoner 489 from Dark Regions Press. The story is fully illustrated by Santiago Caruso. The novella centres around the execution of Prisoner 489 on a remote, island prison and the chaos that breaks out after his burial. Grab your copy now from the Dark Regions website.



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